Video door intercom CDV-70H2 white / DRC-40K set

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Description of Commax CDV-70H2

A simple but stylish COMMAX CDV-70H2 video door entry system. Duplicates the functionality of the Commax CDV-70H2 model, while having a more modern design, a protected screen, touch buttons.

Equipped with two video channels that allow you to connect two call panels or a panel and an analog camera. A large enough 7 „intercom screen enables you to see the guest clearly and identify them easily.

The negotiations are conducted over the loudspeaker, a button is pressed to answer the call, and the conversation begins. 

Supports PAL, NTSC formats. Dimensions: 180 x180 x28mm. The color of the case: white, blue.


Touch buttons. Backlit keys make it easier to control the core functions. OSD menu. A handy on-screen menu for setting up your device. Hands free. To start a conversation with the visitor, all you have to do is press a button.

DESCRIPTION of the DRC-40K call panel

DRC-40K equipped with a high resolution camera. The model has a graceful design, is made of silver and enclosed in a metal body. Automatic LED lighting illuminates visitors in the dark. The way the call panel is mounted is upside down, there is the option to adjust the angle of view of the camera if installed.

The panel camera has a high resolution of 540 TV lines and is safely protected by a glass dome that allows it to be installed both indoors and outdoors. Attractive design, affordable price and excellent specifications have made the Commax DRC-40K call panel the market leader in the company’s sales.

The housing is metallic.

Body color: metallic.

Installation type: overhead. Dimensions: 96 x155 x32.5 mm.


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