COMMAX DRC-41UN, Door camera, blue

166,80 inkl. Mwst


The Commax DRC-41UN widescreen camera is a device for long-term and precise recording of images and sound from the functional area Single-Wiring Single-Wiring-Systems.

The widescreen camera was equipped with a complete CMOS image converter. Thanks to the use of this technology, the camera transmitted a detailed and high quality image regardless of the conditions.

The performance of the long-range camera equipment DRC41UN not only enables the digital and documented display of the images from the access points of the protected widescreen installations, but also guarantees all-round protection of the monitor.

The efficiency of camera operation in a wide intercom in night mode is ensured by a system of bright LEDs that can illuminate the illuminated scene by connecting white lights to ensure the clarity of the captured image.

The use of the DRC 41 UN camera in connection with four-color color monitors not only increases the comfort of users of widescreen installations significantly, but also guarantees a high level of security in the area.


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